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A plethora of IELTS resources are available but where do you find them and how do you sort the good from the bad? The purpose of this section is to help you find resources to help you prepare for the IELTS test without wasting your time and money.

The following pages list resources in different categories ( Books, Online, Other Media) that we have found or that have been suggested to us. We have given our recommendations. These are resources that we believe are good quality, good value and where good service is given. We have provided links directly to these resources, or to online shops where you can purchase them.

We have also listed resources that have not made it into our "Recommended" list. This does not mean they are of poor quality! It is more likely to mean that we have not yet been able to assess them and so haven't had chance to form an opinion.


Our IELTS Resources - Books page lists books that we recommend as being particularly useful as well as some others we haven't had chance to review. The market for IELTS books is very competitive and you will find many good quality books available. Very few can be described as poor, most books are good but some are better.

We have included links to online bookshops to help you purchase them. We generally use Amazon as our online supplier because the company has such a good reputation and its prices are very competitive.

We have also provided a facility that will help you find the cheapest supplier of a particular book. This is useful if the book is out of stock at Amazon or if you really need to find the cheapest copy available.


Unlike books, the quality of online IELTS resources is highly variable. There are a lot of resources available but much is of poor quallity. Some of the information we have seen on the web is inaccurate, not to say misleading, and many of the test samples we have seen bear little resemblance to the actual IELTS test.

Our IELTS Resources - Online page lists many of the resources available online. This includes online courses, sample tests and other online materials suitable for IELTS preparation. We have links to these resources, many of which are free. Where possible we have made comments as to suitability, accuracy etc.

Other Media

Of course books and online resources are not the only useful materials. Our IELTS Resources - Other Media lists resources that fall outside of the the other two categories such as CD Roms, eBooks etc.

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