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The IELTS Reading Module

Once the listening question papers have been collected the invigilator will want to go straight into the IELTS Reading test. Make sure your answer sheet is the correct side up – you should see the words "IELTS Reading Answer Sheet". If you find you answered the listening test on the wrong side, tell the invigilator immediately.

The invigilator will then give out the IELTS Reading question papers. Do not open it until told to do so!

You will be asked to put your name and candidate number on the question paper in the same way as for the listening test. Again, anything you write on the question paper will not be used as part of your assessment.

Check you have been given the correct question paper. The Academic and General Training question papers are different for the reading module. The type you have been given is clearly marked at the top.

It really is worth emphasising the fact that, in the IELTS Reading test, you do not get any additional time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet, as you do with the IELTS Listening test. It is easy, with the stress of the exam, to get your timing wrong and find you do not have time to transfer some, or even all, of your answers!

In both cases, the IELTS Reading test consists of 3 sections. You are required to read through each section and answer the corresponding questions. You have 60 minutes to do this. Be sure to write your answers on the answer sheet as there is no additional time allocated for you to transfer your answers after the time is up!

During the test you will be given time checks. When the 60 minutes is up you will be told to stop writing. You must stop writing immediately! Failure to stop writing will at best result in what you were writing being crossed out; at worst it could mean being disqualified from the entire IELTS test.

On completion of the IELTS Reading test both the answer and question sheets will be collected.

We have compiled many useful hints and tips for completing the IELTS Reading module.

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