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The IELTS Writing Module

The IELTS Writing module is the last to be tested in the morning session. Like the reading test, the IELTS Writing test is different depending on whether you are doing the Academic or General Training format. However, both formats consist of two tasks. The IELTS Writing test lasts for 60 minutes of which 20 minutes should be spent on Task 1 and 40 minutes on Task 2.

Once the Reading question paper and the Listening/Reading answer sheets have been collected, the invigilator will give out the IELTS Writing answer sheet. You will be shown where to write your name and candidate number. You will also need to tick the correct box to indicate whether you are taking the Academic or General Training format.

Next the question papers will be given out. Do not open the IELTS Writing question paper until told to do so! As with the other tests, opening the paper before instructed to do so could be considered cheating. You will be told to write your name and candidate number on the question paper. Check that you have been given the appropriate format, Academic or General Training.

Task 1 should be answered on pages 1 and 2, and task 2 on pages 3 and 4. If you accidentally start a task in the wrong place indicate this clearly and inform the invigilator. Don’t be too concerned if this happens; as long as it is clear to the examiner you won’t lose any marks. If there isn’t enough room on the answer sheet ask the invigilator for more paper when you need it.

You will not be given any rough paper for notes so use the question paper. The examiner will not see your question paper so anything you write on it will not be used for assessment.

You will be given time checks during the exam and at the end you will be told to stop writing. As with the other modules, you must stop writing immediately you are told to do so or this will be considered cheating.

Question and answer papers will then be collected.

We have compiled many useful hints and tips for completing the IELTS writing module.

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